AMOC  Jewellery – Mette O’Connor

Danish Mette O’Connor started AMOC Jewellery almost 10 years ago. As an artisan goldsmith, she uses traditional techniques to brings her designs to life. She is inspired by nature and architecture which gives her unique pieces a simple flowing design. Her work is simple, reflecting her Scandinavian background.

A trained gemologist, Mette works mainly in 18ct. gold and silver, and her passion for gemstones is evident in the use of them in all her pieces – “sometimes I design the piece from my imagination; sometimes the stone dictates the design for me”. Different techniques are used for different products, with a  unique and special outcome for every individual piece.

Mette has exhibited and sold worldwide – notably in Denmark and Australia, as well as Ireland.


18ct. Gold

+353 (0) 87 213 2131
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