Cadenza Glass Beads – Ruzica Ruane

Ruzica uses the Lampwork Technique to create her unique range of glass beads. This involves slowly melting glass rods in a flame (using a mixture of propane and oxygen) and working them on a mandrel rod. While red hot and molten, new rods and colours are introduced to create unique compositions and shapes. These are further worked on to shape the finished piece using glass blowing and shaping.The next creative stage is the creation of jewellery to reflect the clients’ particular preferences and style. Sculptural pieces can be mounted for display or worn as a designer jewellery piece.

Ruzica holds regular Glass Bead Making courses, details of which can be found on her website.


Venetian, Bohemian and German glass rods
Gold and Silver foil
Silver findings
Silk ribbons

+353 (0) 87 314 3590
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