Melanie Hand Design Jewellery – Melanie Hand

Having previously worked in the fashion business as a designer and dressmaker, Melanie took over the long running family jewellery business in 1999, on the retirement of her mother – Jennifer Hudson.

Melanie is a very artistic person and is passionate about her work, and both characteristics are clear in her designs. She is truly dedicated to her craft. She has trained in the use of Clay Silver, Glass Bead making and Glass Fusing. Melanie uses a mixture of beads in her work, which she has collected worldwide, including Swarovski crystal and Murano glass. She sets these beads on a variety of wires, including tiger tail and monofilament. Melanie only uses high quality materials to ensure that her work is produced to a truly excellent standard.


Swarovski Crystal and Pearls
Murano Glass
Clay Silver
Carved Shell Flowers
Natural Pearls
Stone Beads

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