All these patients successfully underwent treatment with Dr O'Sullivan.

  • You are never too old…Val wore braces in her 40's and some of our brides were in their late 20's and early 30's. Invisalign treatment can work well in adult cases as shown by Caitriona.
  • The other children were all treated in 18-22 months with traditional metal braces.
Sarah after
Sarah before


I have found a photograph of me in work before the braces
– oh my god the difference!

…Best decision I ever made!

Katie after
Eleanor after
Chanel after
Ruth before
Ruth after
Amy after
Owen after
Catriona after Invisalign®
Catriona before
Shannon after


"I am so glad I got braces, they have made such a difference. I feel a lot more confident about smiling now and not having to hide my teeth. Now everybody notices and complements my teeth. I just want to say thank you to my amazing orthodontist Claire.

…Braces are definitely worth it."

Caroline after
Val after
Aoife after